Thursday, March 25, 2010

What we're up to.....

April is a busy month for us! But before I tell you all about the delightful soirees we will be attending I have other news- I know this week is full of news! :) we have our menu on here but then we post and it gets lost so there is a link at the top of everything to that blog is soley for our menu and ordering info- how it works and how to get ahold of us etc..- hopefully that makes it easier for everyone! We are hoping to get picts of all the flavors but that will come with time! :)

Now to the good stuff- We are doing 2 FABULOUS Spring Markets- so of course we will not be taking orders during those days BUT you can always stop by grab a nice variety!!!

Scraps Of Simplicity
April 24th

Old School Body Shop
1571 S 1900 W.
West Haven

Scraps of Simplicity is Infamous around these parts- THE PLACE for unique and antiqued pieces of furniture, frames, baskets, and as always lots of fun crafts, clothes, bows etc.. and OF course CUPCAKES!!!! During the market is really the only time you can buy one cupcake or 24- all different flavors- come take advantage!! We will also have some tubs of frosting for sell- this is the only time we do this- you can't call and just order frosting :) so stock up!

And just so you know- we usually sell out by 3 so get there early!!! Breakfast at Tiffany's is usually gone by 11:30- no matter HOW many we make!

We will Also be at Piper and Chloe- preview for that to come!!

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