Friday, May 28, 2010

PlaNning A PaRty???

It's that time- lots of BBQ's, Party's, Gatherings-
you know... Summer!
Here are some FABULOUS ideas!!!

Here is a Fun BBq- with a little "country fair"- Flair! The tablecloth is made up of bandannas sewn together- what a great idea! Go here for more info and recipes... She also had orange preserve jars fore everyone made with fabric lids-so charming!
For a more Sophisticated party check this out!! Amy Atals is tops when it comes to party planning- seriously AMAZING.. check out her ideas Here. She has a gallery- called EYE CANDY where you can be inspired by her lovliness- she is truly amazing! here are some of her ideas..

These party's simply would not be complete without some equally delightful cupcakes from Whimsy! :) Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

ChEck it oUt....

Hey all! My very talented and cute sister in law Kami will be on Studio 5 tomorrow- She is showing you how to make a CUPCAKE stand out of terra cotta- very cute! And those scrumptious little morsels displayed on the stand- none other than pinkalicious ala WHIMSY!!! So watch her on Studio 5 tomorrow for some fun ideas!! Check her blog out here. She has so many fun ideas!!!! like these fun flip flops!!

Any one need a unique gift for that stellar Grad or fabulous Dad.... may we suggest Whimsy cupcakes OR a Whimsy certificate! Fair warning- we were booked early for mothers day so if you are wanting to order let us know soon before
we have to cut you off :)
Even better- make the cute terra cotta stand and get a certificate to go with it! Wrap it up with a little tulle or ric rac and VOILA!! Awesome gift with the personal touch!
Maybe they will share with you!!! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

FINALLY found it!!!

I have been looking for a tutorial for crib sheets for YEARS!!!! I always thought -hey I could make these- they don't look so bad! but I never could find a pattern or tutorial until NOW!!! so I thought I would share the love- and I was right- they are NOT that hard! I love having fun crib sheets and I am sure the babes will too! :) PS... Yes not only does this blog now contain yummy Whimsy stuff but a smattering of many other assorted items as well- especially baby things as of late... we are pretty excited and it has been 100% guaranteed it is a sweet little GIRL whom will joyfully be called Indie. We are all besides ourself with Merriment and Delight!

OK on to the tutorial which you can find HERE. Dana is sooo creative and has MANY other fun things also so peruse through and ENJOY!!! oh and Don't you just LOVE this lime green crib!!! Indies might need to be madeover- after all it has withstood 3 other siblings 2 of them whom like to chew... :) I think lime green or a vintage turquoise could cover those marks just fine!

Just THINK of the possibilities!!!! Can't wait to start sewing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Time??

Well I THOUGHT it was May- almost June- you know warm weather, eating peas in the pod right out of the garden, sunshine and swings and such but maybe I was wrong with all this awful weather! I BARELY got my Peas planted and bunch of other stuff before this rain storm - which now I am really glad for :)- but please NO MORE SNOW I want tomatoes before September!!!!! Here is a fun idea from Jordan Ferney- she has a ton of fun ideas- one for tulle and chiffon flowers no less!!! Step by step directions here. So go make your fun colorful mobile if by chance it is spring where you live or you are just wishing like me! :)
VELLUM MOBILES- cute for a babies room too!
This bright and modern mobile project is perfect for a daytime wedding reception or shower accompanied by Whimsy cupcakes of course! It will transform the room and make a big impact!

I think you could use card stock also- Have fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry We are FULL..

Sorry guys we are booked for Mothers Day...
Have a great one though and maybe you are one of the LUCKY
moms getting Whimsy Cupcakes!!!
By the way this WHIMSICAL card is from Leigh Standly- CURLY GIRL Designs-I HEART her ENTIRE line of products! And it is so true!
For My Mom and Mother in law! :)
You can find these fabulous cards at Hip and Humble, and the Childrens Hour- and I am certain other places but those are the ones coming off the top of my head right now..
Happy Mothers Day!!!!