Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Christmas ShinDig!

Whimsy is cooking up a deal for the holidays

We have decided that we are not taking orders this December. Hanging out with the family instead:) so.... for those of you who would love some holiday Whimsy cakes listen up -

 We are having our own little shindig on Saturday Dec. 8th

Lots of cupcakes and Unique Christmas gifts!

You don't have to pre order but awesome deal if you do-

BIG incentives for you to pre order! First you get ONE DOZEN FREE with your order. Second if you pre order you will get to mix up your order and we will save it out for you- otherwise you would just choose from what is left.

To get this deal you need to  1. Place an order for mini's( an order is  least two dozen=$36)
 by Dec. 1st- 
Call  Jen ( 801-710-3748)or Kalani ( 801 689 2376) to do so. 
2. Pre-pay for that order - then you get 1 DOZEN FREE. 3. Pick your flavors ( as with all orders you choose the flavor you want- we will let you know what else we are baking and you can tell us how you want yours boxed up) 

We will have extra half dozen boxes you can buy (1.50$ each) if you want to split them up for Christmas gifts-

So if you want 4 dozen or 4 cupcakes stop by! 

All the Winter favorites will be out in full force.

Breakfast at Tiffan'ys, Mexican Hot Chocolate, 

Egg Nog, Peppermint, Chocolate Salted Caramel-- 
Just to name a few! 

 We will also have some of our fabulous friends there - 


Cutest Clothes, scarves, boot ruffle socks etc.... 


Most unique skirts and purses! 
EVERYONE asks me where I got my purse from and this is where!
Skirts for adults and kids!

Singing the Blues Vintage carpet bagSinging the Blues Vintage carpet bag
SALE  Soft grey with pretty flowersRed roses Tapestry bagThree ruffle with polka dots

Couture Headbands  

Spring Sensation Matilda Jane House of Clouds Serendipity

House of Clouds Matilda Jane Aqua Flower Clip

Live Inspired 
Books, journals, notebooks, and window cards

You know those one of a kind finds you wish you could find more of...

well here they are! 

 Live Good

Journals & Notebooks
She gave her deepest hopes much love, many kisses...Her Words Comp BookBelieve

Scraps of Simplicity
If you did not get to go to the market this year or just need 

awesome Christmas gifts the scraps girls will have some of 

their funky, fun and fresh finds here!

Best place to get Unique Christmas gifts this holiday season!

See YA there!

* I am cleaning out closets and have a ton of clothes that do not fit my sweet babes anymore! He is almost 2 months old and a chubbers and doesn't fit in 0-3 m clothes- so sad for me but good for you:) I will be having a used clothes sale here now too- tons of kids clothes :

boy 0-3- some he did not even get the chance to wear! Girl clothes 0-18 months 
Gap, Old navy, Childrens place, zara, bebe, Gymboree, PreNatal, Canada House  etc.. 
cute stuff priced .50 -5$

AND since I have had 5 sweet babies in the last 8 years I am cleaning my closet too! 

Forever 21, Nordstrom, Ginger, J crew, Gap, Sevens, Sanctuary, Campers 

Cute stuff- good deals!

Everything under 10$

Monday, March 12, 2012

a few things, oh and WhAleS...

Now onto other business- like the fact that I was 15 feet away from a pod of gray whales and a humpback whale and her baby!We got to sit in a tiny little panga right next them and be in absolute awe as we watched them move effortlessly through the water. We also got to swim with sea lions, observe a TON of sharks in the warm shallows getting ready to mate and  see hundreds of dolphins jumping playfully through the air all that among the zip lines, great food,  snorkeling & relaxing on the most beautiful beaches with good friends- ah it was heaven! 

Here are a few picts 

Home sweet home!

This is the house we stayed in

and that is our beach right below- there was hardly any one there it was really "our" beach

the largest yacht in north america was docked next to us- equipped with a helicopter and all-
 it was pretty amazing!

 GREAT food!

 Cam climbed the tree and fetched us a few coconuts to drink!

 Aimee didn't love the fish and Mike ate it's eyeball...

Zip line! {isn't he hot} :)

free swing


And yes we really were THAT close- amazing!!!

It was a Smashing good time!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cupcakes make me happy..

Happy 2012! Whimsy is having our semi annual mini sale! 
Buy 2 dozen GET 2 dozen FREE ( same flavor).
Any order placed and paid for through Jan 31st will get this lovely treat. 
 You can make the order for another date, but you need to place the order and pay in advance to get it-
sorry I know that is a pain but it helps people remember they ordered cupcakes :).
Certain days we will only do so many and some days are already booked to the max

we will only do so many a day because we don't like baking all day every  :) 
Get them while you can!
Happy Winter!!!

Your Welcome :)