Saturday, November 13, 2010


Merci, Gracias, Obrigado, Dankie, Thanks!!!

The Bake sale was a complete success thanks to you guys! Thanks so much to everyone who came and for your support! You have made two little girls extremely giddy with smiles from ear to ear! They made 143$! That is 29 mosquito nets and 29 kids you guys helped out!


If you weren't able to get a bracelet and want one- let us know- they would make great Christmas presents- especially those white elephants you spend 5$ on- buy a child a mosquito net! I am going to try and get a button up on the blog so you can get them anytime you want!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Friday NOV 12th
2:oo - 4:00 pm
at Kalani's home
( if you want to come and need directions email me-

SO ...what's the deal?

For our main service project this school year our family is a part of Project Peacepals and earning money for mosquito nets for the kids in Ghana and Togo Africa to help
"Stamp out Malaria"
Bella and Gracie will be selling WHIMSY cupcakes- 1.50$ ( minis ) and hot cocoa- 0.50 and peace pal bracelets 5$ -( made by fair trade project in peru- sanyork and they are really nice! ) They have made a goal to sell 100 bracelets by April. They are also planning a bikathon for spring and a couple other events but come get one this week!
If you can't come but want a bracelet- let us know
ALL the money raised goes towards the mosquito nets.

By the time you read this one child in Africa has died from Malaria
A child dies from Malaria in Africa every 30 seconds
The single MOST effective means of prevention is a Mosquito net
and they are 5$!!

For five dollars you could help save a life..

This is what the bracelets look like- they are really cute and very well made!

if you are planning on coming and have a request- let us know!

If you buy a bracelet you get 3 FREE cupcakes!!! :) It is a win win!
See Ya There!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

miss Indie

More picts of my sweetest little one! It is just too fun to take picts of her!
and for those curious that fabulous ruffley white blanket is from IKEA- I searched high and Low for it so I thought I would make it easy for you. :)

these guys are pretty glad she is here too! :)