Saturday, November 6, 2010

miss Indie

More picts of my sweetest little one! It is just too fun to take picts of her!
and for those curious that fabulous ruffley white blanket is from IKEA- I searched high and Low for it so I thought I would make it easy for you. :)

these guys are pretty glad she is here too! :)


  1. Oh, Kalani! She is SO beautiful! I love that last picture of all your kids. How sweet is that to have Beckham giving kisses?! Your family is so darling. I wish we lived closer! :)

  2. Oh my heck Kalani, I can't believe you have 4 kids, and they are all so dang cute. Looks like you are doing great.

  3. thanks guys! Kylee I wish you lived closer too! Tara- we need to do a playdate with the gang some time!