Thursday, April 21, 2011


We here at the Watson home just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for all your help and support with the Bike-a-Thon!!! The girls were able to raise almost 500$ for the kids in Ghana and Togo Africa between the Bike a thon and the bake sale! You guys are great!!! We decided that this will be an annual event so look for the Bike a Thon and Bake sale next year! Here are some picts- I took a ton- if you were there and want your picture let me know and I will email them to ya! We also want to say THANKS to FARR WEST CITY- they went the extra mile and helped out a ton, HARMONS for the yummy oranges and GREAT HARVEST for the yummy bread!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring MArkEt!!!

The Scraps of Simplicity Market is tomorrow!!!
Come check it out !
We are making a ton of yummy cupcakes- a couple new ones and YES even a Healthy one! As healthy as yummy cupcakes can get anyways, but the batter does have 4 cups of spinach and
1 cup of wheat bran!!! Come give it a try!
AND we have the most delicious blue Dozen boxes!!! They are awesome and we have some darling egg cartons too! See ya there!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Due to the Very most awful and Junky inclement weather we are
rescheduling the Bike A Thon!!!
It is now APRIL 14th at 4:30 pm.
Meet at the bowery by the Farr west park -(1896 N 1800 W- by the rec center) - we are closing off half of the parking lot and doing 5 loops around the park so it is a good distance for toddler, kids, dad, mom, grandma or everything in between. EVERYONE is Welcome- Bikers, skaters, strollers, skateboards, walkers - however you want to do it! 100% of everything earned goes to our PEACE PAL friends in Ghana and Togo Africa. We are trying to get all the kids mosquito nets. Did you know that by the time you have read this a child in Africa has died from malaria- and the BEST method of prevention is a simple mosquito net!
The Cute Bracelets!!!

Registration is 7$- it gets you entered into the bike a thon, a number bib (this is official stuff people) a peacepal bracelet ( they are cute and really good quality) and yummy treats afterwards- cupcakes and some healthy stuff fruit and
Great Harvest Bread! YUMMY!
But more important than all that you get to have fun with your kids and help others at the same time and that my friends is priceless :).
You can Pre-register by emailing me at I can only guarantee bracelets for those that pre register. You are welcome to sign up day of also but I could run out of bracelets-and they are half the fun! :)
For those that live too far away and want to still help you can buy bracelets! They are 5.50$- a button is on the right hand side- I will ship anywhere in the us for that. You can also pay your registration fee there too- just remember to email me.

Hope to see you there!!!