Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Summer Menu 2009:

Seasonal Delicacies

* Pink Lemonade : A light and fluffly lemonade cake topped with pink lemonade frosting.

* Strawberry Shortcake: Fresh strawberry cake toppped with strawberry buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream rolled in red and pink fancy's.

* Luscious Lemon: Sweet Lemon cake topped with Lemon Zest buttercream

*Carrot: Traditional Carrot cake topped with cream cheese Frosting

* Creamsicle: a lightly flavored Orange Zest cake topped with fresh orange vanilla buttercream

* Cookies n Cream: Chocolate cake topped with Oreo vanilla buttercream and Oreos.

* RootBeer Float: A light and fluffy vanilla cake with hint of rootbeer topped with root beer buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream.

*Coconut Lemon: Coconut lemon cake topped with Sweet lemon Zest buttercream.


* Breakfast at Tiffany's : Chocolate cake with a hint of coconut topped with blue coconut buttercream and edible gems.

*Death by Chocolate: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, chocolate chips and chocolate fancy's and shavings.

*Orange Decadence: dark chocolate orange cake with zesty orange buttercream.

*PinK a Licious: Madagascar vanilla bean cake with a sweet vanilla buttercream topped with fancy's- all pink of course!

*Thin Mint: Chocolate cake with a hint of mint topped with sweet mint buttercream and chopped andes mints- a combo that was mint to be!

*Whimsy classic: Your choice of madagascar vanilla bean cake topped with chocolate buttercream and classic sprinkles.


(add 25 cents per mini; 50 cents per Jumbo)

*Chocolate Marshmallow Dream: chocolate cake with a MOUND of marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

*Hot Chocolate: Mexican Vanilla chocolate cake filled with marshmallow adn topped with chocolate buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream.

*I want SMORE! : A moist chocolate cake topeed with toasted marshmallows, graham crackers and drizzles of chocolate ganche.


Choose Vanilla or Chocolate Cake and top it off with any delightful frosting!

(* these frostings have an additional cost due to the fresh ingedients we add, we will quote you a price when you order.)

Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Peppermint, Chocolate Ganche

Chocolate Fudge, Marshmallow, Bubblegum

Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Pink Lemonade

Chocolate Cream Cheese, * Fresh Raspberry,

* Fresh Peach ,Cinnamon Cream Cheese,

* Fresh Strawberry, * Fresh BlueBerry

Lime Zest, Orange Zest, Lemon Zest

Egg Nog, Sweet Mint, Coconut, Oreo

White Chocolate, Butter Rum ,Cinnamon

To order CAll JEN at 1 850 960 4054 or KALANI at 801 689 2376

1 dozen jumbos-30$

2 dozen minis- 30$