Monday, March 28, 2011


If you wanted to order Whimsy Cupcakes- NOW IS THE TIME!!! We ordered the wrong mini boxes so we are trying to get rid of them!!!
BUY one order of minis ( 2 dozen 35.25$)
and get 2 dozen free!!! YES 2 DOZEN FREE!!! ( same flavor)
this will last until our boxes are gone
we will only do so many a day because
we don't like baking all day every day :)
get them while you can!
Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We have been hard at work planning the bike a thon and we are so excited for it! It will be so much fun! It is APRIL 9th at 10 am. Meet at the bowery by the Farr west park -(1896 N 1800 W- by the rec center) - we are closing off half of the parking lot and doing 5 loops around the park so it is a good distance for toddler, kids, dad, mom, grandma or everything in between. EVERYONE is Welcome- Bikers, skaters, strollers, skateboards, walkers - however you want to do it! 100% of everything earned goes to our PEACE PAL friends in Ghana and Togo Africa. We are trying to get all the kids mosquito nets. Did you know that by the time you have read this a child in Africa has died from malaria- and the BEST method of prevention is a simple mosquito net! ( we have been planning this for a few months with peace pal but with the tragedy in Japan we will be sending some of the money there also)
Registration is 7$- it gets you entered into the bike a thon, a number bib (this is official stuff people) a peacepal bracelet ( they are cute and really good quality) and yummy treats afterwards- cupcakes and hopefully some healthy stuff fruit and
great harvest bread(working on donations) , but more important than all that you get to have fun with your kids and help others at the same time and that my friends is priceless :).
You can Pre-register by emailing me at I can only guarantee bracelets for those that pre register. You are welcome to sign up day of also but I could run out of bracelets-and they are half the fun! :)
For those that live too far away and want to still help you can buy bracelets! They are 5.50$- a button is on the right hand side- I will ship anywhere in the us for that. You can also pay your registration fee there too- just remember to email me. We are also working on some cool t shirts- more to come on that....
Hope to see you there!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My LiTtLe MaN!

Beck turned 3 last week!!! I can't even believe it! Beck is so so so much fun!!! He makes us laugh ALL day long! He is so creative and has such a witty sense of humor! He is so smart, kind and loving. I get little kisses all day long and He saves us from DrAGONS and SHARKS all day long :) you simply can't help but be in a good mood when you are around this little guy! He is the best little man and we love him so much! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Market and Ruffle legs!

We only do a handful of boutiques through the year and this is one of the best ones! The Scraps of Simplicity Spring Market is April 16th so mark it in your calendar now- I promise~ you do not want to miss this! :) We have some eclectic flavors we are working on- And I have finally succeeded in a somewhat healthy cupcake!! ( cheers heard around the globe). So it is our same yummy batter but with less fat AND 3 cups of spinach and 1/2 cup wheat bran! I got the idea from a veggie class I did- we made brownies like this and they were super tasty!!! So we will be premiering some of those at the market too- finally you CAN have your cupcake and eat it too! :)

In the meantime if you have a hankering for some yummy cupcakes before April 16 give us a call!

Now onto other things non cupcake....I have been playing around with my little ruffle legs- they are so fun and add a little bit of spunk to your skirts, dresses etc.. I am trying to make up a bunch for the market ( ages newborn- up to 6- or older if you want that is just what I have made) and starting back up my Etsy shop soon! I am also currently consumed with screen printing cool shirts because I feel like there is lack there of lately :) I am getting my shirts from Alternative Apparel-they have burnout shirts and those soft worn out vintage t's- LOVE them! :) So hopefully I will have some of those up and running soon too!
here is a preview of some ruffle legs- I just got some awesome new material too I will post some of those soon- they are my FAV!!!
Lacy and boucle ones..

and yes I have more than pink stripes they have just been my favs lately and the only ones I have picts of :) And I am also going to make some that go over the knee-
Sweet Little girls bring out the craft in me! :)