Sunday, December 6, 2009

Whimsy Wants to Help Out

Thank You so much for all the emails!!! :) We were able to get to them all ( if they haven't gotten them today they will tomarrow) It was absolutely OUR PRIVILAGE to be apart of that so thanks for the opportunity!!!
Hope everyone has a Splendid HOliday!!!!
Also- if you were really hoping to get a loved one some cupcakes and weren't able to because we were no longer taking orders ( SOrRy!!)
We are making some FanTastiC Gift Certificates!!!
that way they can get what they want when they want!!! As always 30$ for 2 dozen minis OR 1 dozen JuMbos. Fabulous!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanks to all who came out to the Open House!!!! It was a SmaShinG Good TiMe!!! We made 600 cupcakes ( told you we wouldn't be stingy on the cupcakes..)
and only had 2 dozen left!!!
Really so fun- we may have to do it again.....
not any time soon though :)
We are not taking anymore orders for December- we have literally thousands to make!
SoRry we are booked, full, packed,Finito, Done! :)

I should have taken more picts but didn't really have time- here are a few of the cupcakes..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

FoRgOt To MeNTioN....

We forgot to mention the fantastic deals for January and February! January is typically kind of slow ( way to stick to your resolutions!!) and February IS NOT but it is Valentines and we LOVE you guys!!! SO here is the deal- you make an order at the open house for January or February and you get a DOZEN minis free!!! Yes I said ONE DOZEN!!!! That is pretty AWESOME!!! BUt if you want this amazing deal you do need to order at the open house- so check your dates NOW. ALSO- any orders at the open house- for DEC ( remember - a half dozen free w/ every order) JAn or FEb ( one dozen free!) need to be paid in full that night. So you have got some planning to do! :) For Dec we only have a handful of dates left...
* ps the free cupcakes are the same flavor you ordered
AlSo.... The Scraps of Simplicty Girls are bringing some of their FaBuLoUS FrAmEs!!!
And for those in need- we have a Wonderous PLayRoom with 2 magnificent Super Girls and 1 stellar little man wanting others to play in it with them that night Sooo.. Bring your kiddos and they can dance and play too! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HEALTHY Cooking Class- WHAT??

I am finally starting my blog for Healthy Cooking Classes!
I know, I know ...
What about those Cupcakes you make? Well my sis and I do make Wonderfully Scrumptious cupcakes that are not healthy in any way for you ( well some do have carrot ribbons)- but that is not how me or my family eat 99% of the time- so I feel ok about the 1% especially if we munch on a leaf of KALE afterwards!! :) I am trying to create a super healthy cupcake that tastes great and I am getting closer- it is the frosting that is so tricky! So hopefully a healthy choice will be on the menu at Whimsy soon!
Anyways here is the link to my Healthy You Blog- I do healthy cooking classes and lots of other ones too- they are really fun and I treat you to many
Yummy Fabulously Healthy dishes! I also leave lots of health tips, recipes, oil recipes etc... Check it out!!!
Oh yeah and the info for the Open House will be up soon....
NOv 17th! Don't forget!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Yep it is that time of year ALREADY!! We will be there cupcakes and all!!!!!!

Also a little teaser for ya- we are having an open house Nov 17th- save that date!!
we will be debuting our Winter delicacies - loads of cupcakes FREE for you to delight in! We get LOTS of orders for the holidays and we are limiting them this year so it is not so crazy and it will be nice to have them on the calendar instead of people calling the day before (sorry but if you do, it will not happen this year folks)-so if you book that night you will get 6 free minis with your order in Dec-STELLAR! Just trying to do our part in spreading the Holiday Cheer! Also there will be lots of vendors there with items that are Not Free but really FANTASTIC!!
*Designer jeans for 60$- True religion, Sevens, Uggs,
Juicy Couture
* Shirts, purses and accessories from Arm Candy,
*Scentsy, *US Borne books,
*Watch bands
oh AND you know the cutest little kids boutique around- yeah
* Little Cherry Blossoms- they will also be there doing a trunk show! Definately an event not to miss!!! more info to come.... stay tuned! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Wedding!

We did another wedding last week and it looked fabulous!!! They choose all minis, we came and set up the minis on wonderful stands and the antique tower- Superb! It was a lot of fun- Thanks!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

JuSt PUt a RING on iT- Need a Unique Cake?

WeDdiNgs and CaKeS and SuCh.....
CupCAKE Tower - 150$
Consists of 40-50 large cupcakes and a couple minis sprinkled through out. The use of 3 of our glass cake stands and our large Antique White Rod Iron Tower . Most people use this as their Wedding Cake
And- YES we will come set it up for you-!!!
A STUNNING TOWER of Cupcakes!!!!

* For those ordering a Tower AND Minis for their event we would like to treat you to
50 extra minis FREE- our little way of saying Thanks!
MiNiS- Mini's are Marvelous for weddings-the perfect size- not too big not too small and their look adds so much to your event!!!!

24-150 minis- 1.25 each$
150-250 minis- 1.15 each$
You can choose up to 5 different types of CaKe and 7 different YuMMy Frostings
250-500 minis- 1.10 each$
You can choose up to 8 different types of cake and 10 different YuMMy Frostings
500 or more minis- 1.00$ each
You can choose up to 10 different types of cake and 12 different Frostings
Of course you can Mix and Match Flavors, Colors, Frostings however you like.
*If you would like us to set up your minis it will be a 50$ set up fee-we set up and at a convenient time afterward we take it back down. We like to make sure those minis are arranged perfectly - and we are happy to do so
even if you don't want us to set up we have lots of cute cupcake stands we can provide and of course use of the Antique Tower - as long as it is not being used for a "cake" those take priority :)
If you would like to pick them up we box them in 2 dozen boxes and they each have their own holder so they will not get ruined in transit. Very easy to transport.

We want to help you make your Event EXQUISITE!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CupCaKe ToWEr!

Weddings are a lot of FUN!!!!! We had our first wedding last week and it went FABULOUS!!!
Seriously cupcake towers may well be the next big thing for wedding cakes! It was so EXqUisiTe- we couldn't get a good pict to really show it off but it was GRanD! ( we may be a bit biased)-ANyways it was a huge ( 4 ft at least) tall white antiqued iron tower full of cupcakes- what could be better!!! the Tower is so unique - can't say I have seen many towers around lately AND lots better than all that left over wedding cake no body wants to eat- why not have lots of cupcakes instead!!! We have been asked ALOT about wedding prices so we are figuring up some packages and we will post soon! She had the tower for her wedding cake and then a bunch of minis for the guests- of course all arranged marvelously on stands -Superb! :)
The Minis-
MoRE Minis-


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NeW PiCts added!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Summer Menu 2009:

Seasonal Delicacies

* Pink Lemonade : A light and fluffly lemonade cake topped with pink lemonade frosting.

* Strawberry Shortcake: Fresh strawberry cake toppped with strawberry buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream rolled in red and pink fancy's.

* Luscious Lemon: Sweet Lemon cake topped with Lemon Zest buttercream

*Carrot: Traditional Carrot cake topped with cream cheese Frosting

* Creamsicle: a lightly flavored Orange Zest cake topped with fresh orange vanilla buttercream

* Cookies n Cream: Chocolate cake topped with Oreo vanilla buttercream and Oreos.

* RootBeer Float: A light and fluffy vanilla cake with hint of rootbeer topped with root beer buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream.

*Coconut Lemon: Coconut lemon cake topped with Sweet lemon Zest buttercream.


* Breakfast at Tiffany's : Chocolate cake with a hint of coconut topped with blue coconut buttercream and edible gems.

*Death by Chocolate: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, chocolate chips and chocolate fancy's and shavings.

*Orange Decadence: dark chocolate orange cake with zesty orange buttercream.

*PinK a Licious: Madagascar vanilla bean cake with a sweet vanilla buttercream topped with fancy's- all pink of course!

*Thin Mint: Chocolate cake with a hint of mint topped with sweet mint buttercream and chopped andes mints- a combo that was mint to be!

*Whimsy classic: Your choice of madagascar vanilla bean cake topped with chocolate buttercream and classic sprinkles.


(add 25 cents per mini; 50 cents per Jumbo)

*Chocolate Marshmallow Dream: chocolate cake with a MOUND of marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

*Hot Chocolate: Mexican Vanilla chocolate cake filled with marshmallow adn topped with chocolate buttercream and a dollop of vanilla buttercream.

*I want SMORE! : A moist chocolate cake topeed with toasted marshmallows, graham crackers and drizzles of chocolate ganche.


Choose Vanilla or Chocolate Cake and top it off with any delightful frosting!

(* these frostings have an additional cost due to the fresh ingedients we add, we will quote you a price when you order.)

Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Peppermint, Chocolate Ganche

Chocolate Fudge, Marshmallow, Bubblegum

Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Pink Lemonade

Chocolate Cream Cheese, * Fresh Raspberry,

* Fresh Peach ,Cinnamon Cream Cheese,

* Fresh Strawberry, * Fresh BlueBerry

Lime Zest, Orange Zest, Lemon Zest

Egg Nog, Sweet Mint, Coconut, Oreo

White Chocolate, Butter Rum ,Cinnamon

To order CAll JEN at 1 850 960 4054 or KALANI at 801 689 2376

1 dozen jumbos-30$

2 dozen minis- 30$