Thursday, September 10, 2009

JuSt PUt a RING on iT- Need a Unique Cake?

WeDdiNgs and CaKeS and SuCh.....
CupCAKE Tower - 150$
Consists of 40-50 large cupcakes and a couple minis sprinkled through out. The use of 3 of our glass cake stands and our large Antique White Rod Iron Tower . Most people use this as their Wedding Cake
And- YES we will come set it up for you-!!!
A STUNNING TOWER of Cupcakes!!!!

* For those ordering a Tower AND Minis for their event we would like to treat you to
50 extra minis FREE- our little way of saying Thanks!
MiNiS- Mini's are Marvelous for weddings-the perfect size- not too big not too small and their look adds so much to your event!!!!

24-150 minis- 1.25 each$
150-250 minis- 1.15 each$
You can choose up to 5 different types of CaKe and 7 different YuMMy Frostings
250-500 minis- 1.10 each$
You can choose up to 8 different types of cake and 10 different YuMMy Frostings
500 or more minis- 1.00$ each
You can choose up to 10 different types of cake and 12 different Frostings
Of course you can Mix and Match Flavors, Colors, Frostings however you like.
*If you would like us to set up your minis it will be a 50$ set up fee-we set up and at a convenient time afterward we take it back down. We like to make sure those minis are arranged perfectly - and we are happy to do so
even if you don't want us to set up we have lots of cute cupcake stands we can provide and of course use of the Antique Tower - as long as it is not being used for a "cake" those take priority :)
If you would like to pick them up we box them in 2 dozen boxes and they each have their own holder so they will not get ruined in transit. Very easy to transport.

We want to help you make your Event EXQUISITE!

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