Sunday, August 23, 2009

CupCaKe ToWEr!

Weddings are a lot of FUN!!!!! We had our first wedding last week and it went FABULOUS!!!
Seriously cupcake towers may well be the next big thing for wedding cakes! It was so EXqUisiTe- we couldn't get a good pict to really show it off but it was GRanD! ( we may be a bit biased)-ANyways it was a huge ( 4 ft at least) tall white antiqued iron tower full of cupcakes- what could be better!!! the Tower is so unique - can't say I have seen many towers around lately AND lots better than all that left over wedding cake no body wants to eat- why not have lots of cupcakes instead!!! We have been asked ALOT about wedding prices so we are figuring up some packages and we will post soon! She had the tower for her wedding cake and then a bunch of minis for the guests- of course all arranged marvelously on stands -Superb! :)
The Minis-
MoRE Minis-



  1. Okay, I would be one of those greedy wedding guests that would take one cupcake of each flavor. They look amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh I totally forgot to ask you girls last night at the party how the wedding went! Looks soooo cute! I love the cupcake-wedding cake idea! And I haven't yet tried your oreo cupcakes, but they look soooo good!