Sunday, November 1, 2009

HEALTHY Cooking Class- WHAT??

I am finally starting my blog for Healthy Cooking Classes!
I know, I know ...
What about those Cupcakes you make? Well my sis and I do make Wonderfully Scrumptious cupcakes that are not healthy in any way for you ( well some do have carrot ribbons)- but that is not how me or my family eat 99% of the time- so I feel ok about the 1% especially if we munch on a leaf of KALE afterwards!! :) I am trying to create a super healthy cupcake that tastes great and I am getting closer- it is the frosting that is so tricky! So hopefully a healthy choice will be on the menu at Whimsy soon!
Anyways here is the link to my Healthy You Blog- I do healthy cooking classes and lots of other ones too- they are really fun and I treat you to many
Yummy Fabulously Healthy dishes! I also leave lots of health tips, recipes, oil recipes etc... Check it out!!!
Oh yeah and the info for the Open House will be up soon....
NOv 17th! Don't forget!!!

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