Thursday, November 12, 2009

FoRgOt To MeNTioN....

We forgot to mention the fantastic deals for January and February! January is typically kind of slow ( way to stick to your resolutions!!) and February IS NOT but it is Valentines and we LOVE you guys!!! SO here is the deal- you make an order at the open house for January or February and you get a DOZEN minis free!!! Yes I said ONE DOZEN!!!! That is pretty AWESOME!!! BUt if you want this amazing deal you do need to order at the open house- so check your dates NOW. ALSO- any orders at the open house- for DEC ( remember - a half dozen free w/ every order) JAn or FEb ( one dozen free!) need to be paid in full that night. So you have got some planning to do! :) For Dec we only have a handful of dates left...
* ps the free cupcakes are the same flavor you ordered
AlSo.... The Scraps of Simplicty Girls are bringing some of their FaBuLoUS FrAmEs!!!
And for those in need- we have a Wonderous PLayRoom with 2 magnificent Super Girls and 1 stellar little man wanting others to play in it with them that night Sooo.. Bring your kiddos and they can dance and play too! :)

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