Saturday, November 13, 2010


Merci, Gracias, Obrigado, Dankie, Thanks!!!

The Bake sale was a complete success thanks to you guys! Thanks so much to everyone who came and for your support! You have made two little girls extremely giddy with smiles from ear to ear! They made 143$! That is 29 mosquito nets and 29 kids you guys helped out!


If you weren't able to get a bracelet and want one- let us know- they would make great Christmas presents- especially those white elephants you spend 5$ on- buy a child a mosquito net! I am going to try and get a button up on the blog so you can get them anytime you want!



  1. What cute girls! They are so happy and excited about their hard work. I would love to get a few bracelets and help this great cause. Could I send you money or order them when you get a button up?
    ;) Marlen

  2. Marlen how are you!! You are so sweet- I am trying to get a button up it is just further down on the to do list :) If you want them before I get it up let me know! hope all is well!