Monday, March 12, 2012

a few things, oh and WhAleS...

Now onto other business- like the fact that I was 15 feet away from a pod of gray whales and a humpback whale and her baby!We got to sit in a tiny little panga right next them and be in absolute awe as we watched them move effortlessly through the water. We also got to swim with sea lions, observe a TON of sharks in the warm shallows getting ready to mate and  see hundreds of dolphins jumping playfully through the air all that among the zip lines, great food,  snorkeling & relaxing on the most beautiful beaches with good friends- ah it was heaven! 

Here are a few picts 

Home sweet home!

This is the house we stayed in

and that is our beach right below- there was hardly any one there it was really "our" beach

the largest yacht in north america was docked next to us- equipped with a helicopter and all-
 it was pretty amazing!

 GREAT food!

 Cam climbed the tree and fetched us a few coconuts to drink!

 Aimee didn't love the fish and Mike ate it's eyeball...

Zip line! {isn't he hot} :)

free swing


And yes we really were THAT close- amazing!!!

It was a Smashing good time!


  1. Oh my gosh!! the whale pic!! Amazing!!! Where was this, can I ask? We're going to take an Alaskan cruise soon and I hear you can see whales. I'm hoping:) I wanna go to the San Juan islands just to go on a whale watching thing sometime. I think that would be way fun..

    Oh, and thanks for your question. I shoot with the Nikon d700 and LOVE it.

  2. This is in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico- the whales and wildlife were mostly in Cabo Pulmo- THE most amazing, off the beaten path place to go ever- highly recommend! I hope you get to see whales it is so inspiring!!! They are amazing creatures. We love the San Juans and the ferry over to Victoria and have seen many whales both places! Thanks for answering you are always so good at that! I will have to check it out- your picts are awesome!