Friday, May 14, 2010

FINALLY found it!!!

I have been looking for a tutorial for crib sheets for YEARS!!!! I always thought -hey I could make these- they don't look so bad! but I never could find a pattern or tutorial until NOW!!! so I thought I would share the love- and I was right- they are NOT that hard! I love having fun crib sheets and I am sure the babes will too! :) PS... Yes not only does this blog now contain yummy Whimsy stuff but a smattering of many other assorted items as well- especially baby things as of late... we are pretty excited and it has been 100% guaranteed it is a sweet little GIRL whom will joyfully be called Indie. We are all besides ourself with Merriment and Delight!

OK on to the tutorial which you can find HERE. Dana is sooo creative and has MANY other fun things also so peruse through and ENJOY!!! oh and Don't you just LOVE this lime green crib!!! Indies might need to be madeover- after all it has withstood 3 other siblings 2 of them whom like to chew... :) I think lime green or a vintage turquoise could cover those marks just fine!

Just THINK of the possibilities!!!! Can't wait to start sewing!


  1. Kalani! I didn't realize that you were expecting! CONGRATS!!! When is the baby due?! She will have such a fun and creative room with her new sheets.
    Love Ya-

  2. Hi Marlen!!! We are due in Sept and way excited! Cam and Beck are going to have to up their ESPN TV time to make up for all sweetness
    around them :)

  3. LOVE it! Kalani, you need to teach a sewing class! I want to learn so bad! I am excited you're having a girl and that name is the cutest!

  4. Is there anything you DON'T do? You make me tired :)! Congrats on the girl and "Indie" I could just cry, so so cute! She will be doll just like all of your kiddies. Loving all your cute home ideas! Thanks!

  5. Thanks guys! I Love the name- so excited! :) Karah- don't you have a blog? may I request an invite :)