Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Time??

Well I THOUGHT it was May- almost June- you know warm weather, eating peas in the pod right out of the garden, sunshine and swings and such but maybe I was wrong with all this awful weather! I BARELY got my Peas planted and bunch of other stuff before this rain storm - which now I am really glad for :)- but please NO MORE SNOW I want tomatoes before September!!!!! Here is a fun idea from Jordan Ferney- she has a ton of fun ideas- one for tulle and chiffon flowers no less!!! Step by step directions here. So go make your fun colorful mobile if by chance it is spring where you live or you are just wishing like me! :)
VELLUM MOBILES- cute for a babies room too!
This bright and modern mobile project is perfect for a daytime wedding reception or shower accompanied by Whimsy cupcakes of course! It will transform the room and make a big impact!

I think you could use card stock also- Have fun!


  1. Cute idea! I am soooo tired of this weather too!! How are you feeling? Let's get together of this days...soon! Loves, Ju

  2. By the way I meant ONE OF THESE DAYS ;0)

  3. This is a really cute idea and very welcoming of Spring. Snow- that is CRAZY! We'll keep our fingers crossed for your tomatoes ;)