Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Radiant Bella

Bella is turning 6 shortly and we had to go take picts for her birthday- naturally. I have had these fantastic ideas taking up space in my head of how I wanted the picts to be and Jessie my sis in law who does AMAZING photos just so happened to snag this rather FABULOUS chair and was dying to take picts with it- and it just so happened to be in my visions! SO we set out to this cool road I used to play on as a kid- In-fact the old tree house is still there where many a scheme has been hatched- tempting all the kids with its rusty nails and jagged edges! those only make it funner right? I am so excited to get Jessie's- they will be like 1000 times better :)
For anyone looking for a photographer with really great eclectic and unique ideas go here... http://jessiesteele.blogspot.com/

Here are some of my shots- She LOVES to pose- what 6 year old girl doesn't? We all had a ton of fun and I must say I LOVE picnik!!! It saves those of us who don't have really cool cameras or understand photoshop! :) You should try it!!!

Love them and LOVE HER!!! :) They turned out just how I imagined and she is rather stoked as well!!!
I just found another one of her I took awhile ago and had to add it-
She is SUCH a beauty inside and out! :)
And here are some of Jessies wonderful pictures- I love them!


  1. So sweet! They turned out so cute! I bet it was fun to go down 'memory lane', literally! That's a fun spot for pictures!

  2. Very cute pictures and i love the chair! Your kids are all so beautiful!