Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I made this!!!

Ok- So all of my picts are from and the recipe and lots of other really fun things to bake so you need to check it out BUT I did just make this and I am rather proud of myself!!!! I didn't have a chance to take pictures because as I was making this I was also making another cupcake cake and watching 5 little hoodlums run all over the house :) The cutest little Hoodlums ever but never the less -still hoodlums yesterday :) I made 12 layers and it turned out pretty good!!! Mine was of course not this beautiful- it seems nothing I make from bakerella is "as beautiful" but that's OK- it tasted great and you could hardly notice
that it was slanting HARD to the left! :)

This cake is not really hard but it is time consuming... You start with 12-14 pans however many layers you want. Make your batter-I used Whimsy's secret recipe :) but Bakerella has a recipe that would be tasty too.
Seperate your batter into your pans which by the way I greased, floured, then cut wax paper circles which I greased and floured- I wasn't taking any chances!!!! Spread your batter around as even as you can then bake for appropriate time. As you finish your last 3 -I baked 3 at a time- start the fudge frosting- really it reminds me more of hot fudge- it is yummy! You put a layer of cake down pour some on top- put another layer pour on top etc... and it will start to DRIP and DRIP and DRIP... And if you happen to make this with 5 little hoodlums running around also this part they can absolutely not resist!!! Lots of fingers will be coming your way so be prepared!!!
After you finish all layers and dump the rest on top it should be covered pretty well. I also made a chocolate buttercream and slathered it ALL OVER it- and VOILA......
If you want one of these- you will have to make it-
Whimsy will not be adding this to their menu! :)


  1. Kalani! We have finally joined the blogging world and your blog is SO cute! That cake looks absolutely incredible. (and I have no doubt that yours looked just as good- probably better! ;) I'm sure it was as yummy to eat too!

  2. Kalani: that must've taken you forever - but it was SOOOO yummy!! I'm glad I got to taste it :)

  3. Mmmmm....that looks delightful! Why don't you want to add it to your menu? :) hee hee! Next time you make it bring us a big fat piece!

  4. And when did you have time to make this? Seriously.

  5. Oooh, looks delicious and nutritious! :)