Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here is the DEAL.....

Well...Whimsy has a couple Big Soiree's coming up in April- more info on those later but they will be FABULOUS!
When we do big markets or big orders we usually have some cupcakes leftover and we would like to share the LOVE. Jen and I were talking and have come up with a rather wonderful plan! In the real world we encourage you to be a leader but... in the blogging world we encourage you to be a Follower!!! And there are some perks!
Here is how it will work! When we have extra cupcakes we will randomly pick a follower and you get the tasty little morsels free!- You wont be able to choose flavors it will just be what is left but they all taste superb!

How to become a follower??? well right under the our little owl to the right ( it is far down there) you will see - Cupcake addicts! And then under that is a box that says FOLLOW- click on it sign up and you too will have a little square right here on whimsy! :)

In addition we are having a little contest- like every other blogger- we love our followers- they make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside so... when we reach 100 followers- the 100 th will get 2 dozen mini cupcakes free- same for 200, 300 etc
( a Cupcakery can dream right! ) BUT if you are not the 100th don't give up hope because we will randomly choose others who will also win Free delicacies and don't forget the chances to win the extra ones- and we have those ALL THE TIME! If you are already a follower- Thanks! You get 3 extra votes ( you know what I mean) and if you sign up before next wed you will get two extra votes in our little challenges! I know a lot of you are not from around here- sign up anyway and if you come to town maybe you will get some benefits! :)
So Go ahead- Follow- sometimes it's OK! :)

Have a great day- more to come on upcoming Events!


  1. Oh fun! I want to be a follower for sure - I LOVE Whimsy Cupcakes!!

  2. Hey Girl...I here your cupcakes are sooooo good. Texie says she see you at craft shows every once in a while. We need to get together with everyone and have a little reunion. Bret (Criddle) Buchanan

  3. Hi Bret! how are you! I would love to get together! Are you still in Idaho?