Monday, March 29, 2010

FOoled YA~

APril FOols Day is Thursday!!! At our abode we LOve to pull little pranks on each other- HEre are some fun Cupcake ideas!!!- These come from the book Hello Cupcake! BUt Mrs. Martha Stewart also has instructions on her web site here ( thanks for the lesson!)

TV DINNER- this is one TV dinner I might actually try!
Mashed potatoes- FOodART! These Look so real and not that hard at all!

Spaghetti and Meatballs- for full effect take them out of the wrapper
and put in a deep pasta dish

Corn on the Cobb!!!! Complete with corn pokers and all!
(I am 100% sure that is not what they are called)

Have a Fun April Fools day- Do something fun with your fam!
Coming Soon- Preview of Piper and CHloe- stay tuned...


  1. I just linked over here from sweetcharli. those are some fun ideas. To add a link to your blog, you just highlight the word you want linked and then press the blue link button you see at the top next to the picture button. Then you can add the url you want it linked to there. :)

  2. Thanks!!! no more mile long links -yeah!