Monday, January 25, 2010

Working For Haiti

Photos by Matt Maerk red cross
I have been trying to think of a great idea to help Haiti and really get the kids involved and a friend shared what I thought was a fantastic idea so our family is starting this week. We don't do allowance at our house- granted we have a 5, 4 and 22 month old :) but jobs are part of being a part of the family -everyone doing their share and helping out and not expecting anything for it. But this week is different. We had family night and talked all about Haiti and what happened there and how they need a lot of help right now and how we CAN help them. We showed them lots of pictures and this great video on youtube- you should check it out. My girls kept saying -mom is this real? in OUR world? This is really happening? I think it is so important for them to understand the world- the good and the bad and realize they have great power and that they can help- as a 5 year old they can help and they CAN make a difference. So we are making a job chart this week- daily chores and ones that maybe don't get done all that often (toilets!) and there is a money value attatched. Everyday when jobs are done that person gets to mark their initials by it and at the end of the week we will add up the total and donate what we worked for to Haiti. Well Whimsy wants to help too so whoever buys cupcakes this week will will donate a portion to Haiti. Better Yet send the money you would have bought cupcakes with to Haiti and next time you buy cupcakes tell us you did and we will throw in some Free.

Where MUCH is given- MUCH is expected.

WE can ALL help- a little goes a long way......

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