Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Le PIANO- A Masterpiece
I found an old player piano at a yard sale a few years ago with the Grand Vision of painting it and it is finally done!! It has taken countless hours ( since June), lots of paint and lots of fun!! I did the front with some help from Cam and Erik. The bottom part however I did that all by myself- you know that part that looks like Vangough Starry Night EXCEPT it is MY version and it is Sunny sunny sky :). The girls had free reign on the back- they did it all- I couldn't even see it until they were done- although they did ask for help with the tree branches. They were giddy with excitement! We LOVE it!!! I find myself sneaking down to play it only to find my girls have beat me! They love to play around on it all day and can play a mean twinkle twinkle little star! On top are lots of clouds. The bench is awesome too- all sky blue of course- a big sun, flowers and an apple tree with a swing-naturally, nice big puffy clouds and all of our handprints- maybe I will post those later . The Piano is AWESOME and I love it so I had to show it off! :)

"Music washes away from the Soul the dust of everyday life"
Berthold Auerbach


  1. I love love love this!
    We got my daughter an antique piano for her 4th bday, and I also find us playing on it all the time! Ours is just beat up old wood though, yours is amazing!

  2. Wow! This is incredible! If my piano looked like that growing up, I may have practiced more. You are quite the artist. I'm so impressed. I love it! You're girls are darling!

  3. Super Cute piano! What a fun memory for your children!

  4. Thanks guys! Carey- mine used to be beat up old wood- you should paint it! :)

  5. Kalani...You are such a fun MOM!! Not only do you make whimsy cupcakes; you put that creativity into EVERYTHING you do!!
    You have inspired me!!

  6. Sheryl- thanks!!! You are full of creativity- you inspire me! :)