Friday, January 1, 2010

SEriOuSly StELLaR SonGS!

I must allege that Whimsy's Playlist is definately Marvelous and teetering on prodigous (that is super fancy for fantastically fabulous) . I made this playlist so I would have some dank melodys to Enthrall me whilst I baked but I had no idea it would be this Phenomenal ! ALL the songs are excellent but as you get more towards the middle it gets rather remarkable here is a sampling of what you may hear while hanging out at whimsy- the killers, some SArah, COld PLay, a little bit of beth orton, Tori and Ani difranco- I need to get more from those gals, a couple random things from some amazing sound tracks, toad the wet sprocket, BIG Head Todd and the monsters, EaRLY November,David Gray, old school MJ, Frou Frou, the Cure, Snow patrol,
Jacks manequin, owl city ( i liked these guys years ago BTW), MGMT, Elliot Smith, Youth Group, Lisa LOeb--OF course there are many more artists that would enhance this list, but this is a pretty good playlist if I do say so myself!!! - SO if you have only hung around long enough to hear the first few songs- go ahead take a day and let those eustachian tubes resonate! They will thank you for it later!!! ENJOY!!! Oh yeah and now you can order cupcakes.... we are now officially off sabatical :)
WhIMsY WiSHeS YOu the Finest this year and is sending
SplenDid POsitive VibEs your way..
Have A GrEAt 2010!!!


  1. You are just tooooo cute!!! Yay for the music, I'm gonna listen to it while I'm at work! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Kalani!!! Hey, it's Monica (Moss) Parker...I just stumbled across this website and I was like HEY, Kalani?! This is super cool and your cupcakes look to-die-for good. I think I gained a pound just drooling over them. I'm excited for you. If I ever need some I will for sure give you guys a call! Best of luck with it all! :) I hope your family is doing well!