Monday, February 1, 2010

NO ReD VeLvET for YoU!

No Red Velvet for you!- (said in a Mr. Soup Nazi middle eastern voice...) C'mon!!! You guys still remember Seinfield- it's Classic! Well I am sorry to dissappoint anyone but alas it is true- we do not make red velvet. Why? many may be wondering. Well because it is essentially chocolate cake with a bottle or two of red dye dumped in and quite frankly that makes me feverish just thinking about it -especially knowing what I now know about dyes and how they ruin your kidneys and are just awful for your brain and your body. So NO red velvet from Whimsy- Sorry! And it brings up another point- we are changing our colorings to natural, safe colorings. You of course still have a choice -the natural may not be as bright but they don't ruin any fundamental organ systems in your body so that must count for something! We have not recieved them yet so I guess you don't have the option yet but soon you will- hopefully by next week. In my recent research for my own knowledge and fabulous food classes ( I have discovered a lot about dyes and how bad they really are for you and how they are in EVERYTHING!!! I will not sell something I don't want to devour - even if it is just occasionally -you know with the healthy eating and all :) SO unless you tell us otherwise we will use the safe, natural colorings- NO red dye 40, which by the way we have never, ever used in frosting but these others yes... red 3, yellow 5, Blue 1- those are the ones in our dyes however the list could go on and on and unfortunately the rancid little things are in everything- go check the back of your food labels- you'll see! But these dyes are in any candies or sprinkles that may top our tasty little morsels. You can choose to not have them or have just sanding sugars ( still dye not as much) or whatever you want but we want you to know you do have a choice. Unless you tell us otherwise we will still deck them out but the frosting will be made with natural safe dyes. Because Yes... Whimsy cares!!! So there you have it! But don't be remiss -if you want the other dyes- just don't care or maybe they are for your wedding and you really want bright fuschia- whatever the reason If you want them you got them so no worries- there is just another option for those that do care. You know us...Just Trying to make everyone happy ALL of the time! :)
One more thing... Valentines

Valentines is fast approaching and we have a lot of orders already- we may have to cut you off soon so if you are craving Whimsy or want to delight a loved one let us know soon!!!! Oh and since valentines is on Sunday we would make them Sat and you would need to pick them up Sat- they will of course be every bit as moist and delicious the next day. :)
We do have Marvelous Gift cards!!

Much Love from Whimsy..............

I LOVE this picture!!! Doisneau's photo known as
“Le Baiser”
The Kiss
Can't wait for Cam to get home! :)


  1. Hey Kalani & Jen, just wanted to get in touch with you about my valentine's order. Will you call me when you can? Thanks 801-513-0248

  2. Okay, so I just saw you phone # on the side. I will call you!

  3. red velv was my fave! :( well at least i can be healty :)