Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Call JeN....

If you happen to have a cupcake emergency ( indeed those do exist) or need cupcakes from Saturday on call Jen- you will only get my voice mail or my 4 or 5 year old and maybe 23 month old- he likes to answer the phone as of late - Anyways.... I will be sunning in the Beautiful Baja listening and aweing as Whales breach in the Ocean, delighting in some tasty authentic mexican food, road tripping all over the penninsula, snorkeling, exploring and of course relaxing-
Can't wait!!!

Here are a few picts so you can imagine yourself there too- :)
If you can even believe it this is where we get to stay- By ourselves!!! That is actually a HOUSE!!!
I am so excited!

Who doesn't LOVE a hot tub on the deck over looking cliffs and the ocean...

Lands End, LOvErS Beach,
Whale season and Snorkeling!
Viva la Mexico!!!
Yeah if this looks familiar I did put this on my other blog also- just for those who may not frequent both :)


  1. Have a great vacation! We are getting our vendor list together for Piper & Chloe and would love to have you guys! Cristelle will be contacting you in the next couple days!

  2. Looks Fabulously Delicious! I need to sneak in your suitcase!

  3. Kalani... I am so sorry for you two lovebirds!! Your life is sooooo hard! Mexico?! I love it!! Can we go? Well... maybe next time, right now I have to keep growing my baby BOY!! Yep, one more macho to our family!! Hope to hear from you guys soon, and have fun!!