Thursday, September 30, 2010

With MUCH regret!!!

We have tried to put this off AS LONG as possible and really don't want to do it at all!!! Most all of our supplies- butter, sugar, flour, madagasscar vanilla, boxes, liners etc.. have gone up-at least 30% so as much as we do not want to raise prices we have to and it is with MUCH regret!!!! We are also offering standard size cupcakes too- you could always get them but now they are officially on the menu! If you have already made an order- no worries your price is the old one but any orders made today and on have the new prices-
2 dozen minis- 33$ plus tax

1 dozen JUMBOS- 33$ plus tax
at least twice as much cake as standard

1 dozen Standard- 26$ plus tax

We will have our fall/winter menu up soon and there are LOTS of yummy flavors!!!

1 comment:

  1. I think your prices are so fair. Your cupcakes are delicious! They were a big hit at Sophie's party, thank you so much!