Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ruffled Streamers???

OK this party had ALL the Fixins! WHAT A FUN PARTY!!! I think the twins had fun too as you can see! There were so many little details that stood out about this party- she thought of everything!! BUT I LOvED the ruffled streamers~ and so easy! Tutorial HERE from shelley at How does she.. they just add that extra little touch for a sweet little girls party, or shower or whatever!!!

Here she layered them behind the banner- LOve that lOok!

I am in party mode around here since Gracies 5th birthday is in August! SHe wants a water party so it will be a bit different from this one but I may have to throw in a touch of this here and there. - Can't resist! We are taking picts soon for her invite- kind of a tradition now. I am thinking of a swim shoot with a vintage swim cap and swim suit.. you know the flowery ones like this..

She and I are both so excited!!! Can't WAit!

Ps.. If you haven't hung around long enough to listen the the last of the playlist skip down and take a listen to Mr. Greg Laswell- Schulyer Fisk, Kate bush to name a few- all very fantastic! Infact I recommend shuffle- you get a little taste of it all- quite the marvelous eclectic mix! I may be biased but I think OUR cupcakes AND playlist are superb and yes even unrivaled! :) like I said I may be a little biased ( but they are...)

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  1. WOW!! She did think of everything!! Holy cow! I am excited to see Gracie's pictures! I love the vintage pool shoot idea!