Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have lemons...make LeMoNadE!

My Kiddos Have been DYING to have a lemonade stand but with the rain and all we decided it may not be the best day for business! But be on the look out- summer will not escape with out a few stands going up and some homemade lemonade being sold!
How fun are these bottles of homemade lemonade- cute party favor OR what a great fathers day gift with a personalized label! :) Check it out HERE from Jordan Ferney- she needs to be on your blog list because she has fabulous ideas!!! The bottles are from Ikea- and if you head down there plan on a few days- at least- Love that place!!! :) I can personally recommend the indoor swing -although not for pregnant belly's... little hard to get out of, nonetheless definately a hit in our abode!

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