Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Weekend...

The time has arrived! This Friday and Sat THE place to be will be Piper and Chloe! What better way to spend a little time for yourself- grab a cupcake ( or a dozen) saunter through a delightful home filled with the most charming elements all the while listening to splendid music that brings a smile to your face!!! You know the type..See ya there!
Directions to Piper & Chloe Spring Showcase:

From the South on 1-15:
Take Exit 319 (Parish Lane), travel east to Main Street. Turn left (north) on Main Street and travel 2.4 miles and turn left at 1600 South in Farmington.

From the North on I-15:
Take Exit 395 (Park Lane), travel east to Main Street. Turn right (south) on Main Street and travel 1 mile. Turn left on State Street and travel 2 miles and turn right at 1600 South in Farmington.

The show is in a Rainey Homes decorated model, located right on the border of Farmington and Centerville.

Hours are: Friday 10-7 + Saturday 10-6

This is the home you are looking for- just in case you are like me and do better with landmarks rather than street names :)

We Sold out at Scraps of Simplicity so get there early if there is a certain flavor you just

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  1. Hey - neighbors! I'm adding you to my blog. I still haven't tried any of your yummy cupcakes, but I will. K, I've already linked up to your healthy blog. I love to see all the yummy treats you make :)