Saturday, April 3, 2010


I must say I LOVE EASTER/CONFERENCE weekend! We go to easter hunts and then stay home all day and chill- listen to conference and make homemade cinnamon rolls- it is a fab tradition!. As always Conference was the best and we still get more- yeah!

Bella will be 6 soon- this is how her invites turned out! She loves them!
This one is for her friend party- her first one and she is giddy! :) It will be complete with tea party's, princess dresses, lots of tulle, fun games and pedicures and all things girl!
She can't wait!!!

And this one is for our family party- she is rather stoked for this as well. I started this tradition of letting them pick what kind of cake they wanted- last year it was princess and the pea- and I must say I was very proud of my creation! Luckily this year she wants a Soccer Ball-
Good I can do that in much less than 8 hours! :)


  1. Love the invites kalani! So very cute!

  2. She is so beautiful! My daughter is turning six in a couple of months too and I can't believe it! Time the invites! :)

  3. Those pictures are adorable! Jessie did such a great job and Bella is beautiful!