Thursday, April 4, 2013

Berry Baskets and THE MArKet!

One of our new Favorite things!!! They are such a great inexpensive container, make me think of spring and summer and can be used SOOO many different ways... and we have them!!!! 

The Scraps of Simplicity Market ( only the BEST market around!) is APRIL 20th and we will have them there
 ( along with delectable cupcakes that just so happen to fit nicely in these little buckets of joy)
 but if you need some before that give us a call and come grab some!!

Pints- 6 buckets for 3.75$
                                  Quarts 6 buckets- for 5$

Here  are  some FUN ideas....

Strawberry boxes for favors. gorgeous!
Any table setting, party favors- you name it
pict from they have so many unique ideas

Gift Baskets galore!!! 
They are the perfect size and add their own little charm!
Strawberry suckers in berry basket!

Here is the link for the template to make those darling paper strawberries, add some strawberry jam and voila ~ an awesome Thankyou  !
berry basket - teacher gift - free printable tag for teacher, mom, grandma and friend

Anyone need teacher gifts for the last day of school? HERE is a free download for this cute card from eighteen 25's blog 

Restless Risa had a ton of cute ideas for berry baskets and even showed them on Studio 5
favorite things basket
wear your berries around your neck!s'mores berry basket

game.. with free printable's 

and even Wall art!!!

Pint Sized Perpetual Journal  2/7/2012 
papercanteen had a great journal idea here

Berry Basket Project - Two Peas in a Bucket

This is a fun vintage display from two peas in a bucket

Summer means SMORES- fun way to dish them up for a backyard BBQ
s'more is a berry basket

Of Course you could use them for their true purpose-
 to hold berries :)

mini dutch babies

Here is the recipe for that charming dutch berry pancake

Or to hold anything! Put them in your kitchen, craft room, bedroom, bathroom.... 


OK,OK enough with my berry obsession... 

like I said Scraps of simplicity is April 20th and trust me- You don't want to miss it! Here are a few things you might find there...

everything here was purchased at the market- yes even the bed!!!
and don't forget 

See ya there!

Scraps of Simplicity Spring Market
Sat. April 20th 2013
Old School Body Shop
1571 S 1900 W
West Haven

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