Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Legs :)

So many ideas in my head for ruffle legs and leg warmers- trying to sew them all is another story! :) I opened my Etsy store back up-lots of fun styles and many more I need to add- here are a few picts.. Really loving the big chunky sweatery ones ( is that a word?) on Bella

I am also making boot socks for kids- with a little twist so the socks don't need to be so long- Gracie is wearing them here- hopefully I will have a stash ready soon ! :)

robins egg knit legs...

Of course the ruffles...

Copper vintage lace legs

Tons more- super cool metallic ones, lots of vintage lace, chunky boucle and sweater ones and velvet for the holidays!


  1. Those are simply ADORABLE Kalani! You are such a super talented little lady :)

  2. LCB needs some more. We sold alllll of the white ones. :) come by!